Study break.

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How is it going everyone? I am just sitting at the library on this rainy evening doing some homework and thought that I might take a study break to update.

So I have never heard of this guy before but he is super clean and steezee check it out.

Booyah, that shit was so sick. I also so this video over at Prolly but I wasn’t as hyped on it. Let me know what you think.

It seems as though everyone enjoyed the hardcourt polo debut up here in boulder, wish I could have made it. Check out the article over at
Boulder hardcourt that was in the daily camera and the photos.

I Just saw this, Boulder premiere maybe?



Update 3/26

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Whats going on guys? Hope all of you are having a good start to your weekends. I want to take a quick second to say happy belated birthday to my friend, Adam Mork, over at Boulderfixedgear

Also, I just found out from his blog that there will be a hardcourt polo coming to Boulder – which I am so fucking stoked about. Get all the information from the flyer:

so mark your calender for April 11th.

Just saw these

over at COGMAG
(pretty cool, but I still prefer my vans or my sambas)

These duders are fucking killing it. Saw this at death pedal

That is all for now but I’ll be updating tomorrow..
Until then, everyone ride safe this weekend in the snow.


I am back in action.

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Whats up guys,
Its been way to long and now I am

More tomorrow I am stuck in at SFO right now because Denver is getting hit with some crazy snow. Oh well, back tomorrow I hope and another post.


It’s been awhile…

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Whats happenin! It has been awhile since I last posted actually it has been a month and I hope all of you are doing well. Anyway, there has been a lot going on I moved up to north boulder, I have been working 40+ hours a week(not that new), got drop bars for my bike which I like but they kind of hurt my back oh well.
Great video I just saw over at prolly…

Yes please

So I have been thinking about getting some cats together for bike polo up here in boulder! If you all are interested let me know, I can make us mallets if people really want to get down.

Here is an older video but a really good one

I’m going to bed peace.


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Man every video I see out of seattle the dudes are killing it but once again really shitty song, kick ass video though.
I hope the thursday night bike ride went well if anyone has any pictures email me at i will post them up I hope to be there next week for the ride and to take some pictures with my holga. Sorry the flyer is posted so late.
King Kog got a new tshirt that is pretty fucking sick i want one…Draper for my next birthday please.

This video is so bad ass i have always wondered what it would be like to hit someone several times in the head with my u-lock….Can you tell me you haven’t????? Once again sorry for the long wait between posted been busy at work get back to me with those flicks if anyone has some or just email me to let me know how the ride went. till next time peace

GOrilla in Paris

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So I have been waiting to check out the full montage GOrilla and here it is the song really really blows but what can you do huh?

Pretty slick video I must say, Wonka is killing it dude goes so fast.

So I found this over at BAC (boulderalleycats) I think that it’s a pretty sick idea. I am going to be participating in this if anyone cares and if you don’t oh well haha. So if you want to leave comments just click on the link above.
Thursday night Fixed Gear Ride
Hey yall, lets start Thursday night fixed gear rides. Here’s why:
1. The cruiser ride sucks/You’re over it
2. The cruiser ride is for cruisers (going slow)
3. The people on the cruiser rides are either a. elitist middle aged people or b. underage kids on dept. store mountain bikes
4. Loops is fun but it’s a pain in the ass to go to Denver all the time
5. We can do whatever we want depending on who’s there, meaning we can bomb hills if we want, stop to stunt, drink beers, socialize, we can cruise the creek path, loop downtown, whatever. If we post the route online before the ride people can meet up with us whenever.
6. We can have our own after-parties wherever we want.
7. More of a “fixed gear community” will emerge?

Comment if you’re down.

Anyways last night I got to ride around with my good buddy Draper for a little bit then hit the bars which kind of sucked. Wait what do I mean kind of it did suck but we took this picture that I thought was pretty cool.

Also I thought this was pretty cool Cadence Double-Straps!!!!! I saw them about a week or two ago and never got around to posting them
CadenceDOubleStrapsTrackoand now I did. I want to get a pair for sure.

So I was just watching videos on Vimeo the other night and ran a crossed this one, good song ever better riding keep up the good work guys.

Well, that is all my friends until next time peace.

Summer zlog edit

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A real sick trailer i saw over at Prolly!

super sick 720 double tap. the songs sucks but the riding makes up for it fo sho.
Just found out about the Rocky mountain bike polo open!
rocky mountain bike polo open flyer
Saturday July 18th
Open Invitational Bike Polo Tournament
Denver, Colorado
Registration At 11am, Games Start At Noon
Goldsprints Afterparty

Teams of 3
Individual Players Welcome to Join Mixed Teams Day Of Tournament
Pre-Registration $5/person $15/team
Registration Day Of Tournament $10/person $30/team
Pre-Register yourself or your team at with credit/debit/paypal
Pre-Order T-shirts will be available on CogNation website starting July 1st and day of tournament – $10/shirt

Email Josh at for more info on tournament info or pre-registration.

Hosted by CogNation and Denver Mallet Mafia
To fucking bad i have to work this will be super sick. I didn’t even know that bike polo in colorado was this big it will be fun check out all the kick ass sponsors:
-Milwaukee Bicycle
-Urban Velo
-Solder Gal
-One Fixed
-All Custom Apparel
-Trackstar NYC
-Egrem Clothing Trend
-Awesome Sprints
-Fuze Drinks
-Bike Denver
I hope it turns out something like this!

In other news this dude is killing it every skitch ad i see he is doing some crazy shit his Death pedal 2 part is going to be insane. I do hope the song is a little better but lets hope we can get a premiere out here in Colorado when it is finished.

well the macaframa video is ready for purchase as you can see
if anyone gets a copy of this let me know I have been dying to see it, I hear it is fucking nuts. well this is all for tonight once again sorry about it taking so long and reading my rants till next time. peace.